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Media release: Family lawyer Rebecca Goldman appointed Principal Lawyer

Apr 12, 2018

KCL Law is pleased to announce the appointment of Rebecca Goldman to Principal Lawyer.

A key member of KCL Law’s Family Law team, Rebecca joined the firm (then called Kliger Partners) in April 2014 as Special Counsel and has successfully built her practice through dedication and professional approach to her work and clients.

Having practised exclusively in family law for 20 years, Rebecca has comprehensive knowledge of all aspects of family law. Her family law practice focuses on parenting, property and child support and she acts for a broad range of clients, including many high-net-worth individuals.

Rebecca’s experience includes, but is not limited to, having acted in relation to parenting disputes involving international and interstate relocations, property disputes involving complex corporate structures and third parties, child support disputes and parenting matters where there are welfare concerns regarding children.

She is a skilled negotiator, adept at drawing Child Support Agreements and Financial Agreements, and has extensive experience conducting trials in the Family and Federal Circuit Courts of Australia.

In this highly emotional area, Rebecca has an empathetic and sensitive approach and her focus is to deliver the best possible outcome for her clients.

Principal Lawyer and Head of Family Law, Anton Block said, “A significant milestone, and one that is truly deserved, Rebecca’s appointment recognises her dedication to the profession, commitment to her clients and loyalty to the firm.

“We congratulate Rebecca on her appointment and look forward to her continued success with the firm.”

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