Businesses owners must have in place policies and procedures that protect the privacy rights of the individuals with whom they deal, as well as safeguarding any other personal information that they obtain.

KCL Law has significant expertise advising clients in relation to their privacy law obligations and drafting their privacy policies.

Following legislative changes in March 2014, most businesses must now have a documented and accessible Privacy Policy, and that policy must address certain issues regarding the collection, use, disclosure and access to personal information.

Apart from privacy policies, businesses must adopt certain practices and measures to ensure that they comply. Fines of up to $1.7 million may be imposed for breaches by companies. Individuals may be fined up to $340,000 for a breach.

You should seek legal advice to develop a privacy policy that complies with the amended laws, if your business does not have a privacy policy. If you already have a policy, you should seek legal advice to find out if your privacy policies and procedures are adequate to comply with the new regime.

You can read about the changes to the privacy regime here.

Our expertise and services includes:

  • advising on compliance with privacy laws;
  • reviewing existing policies and underlying practices;
  • preparing and implementing privacy policies and compliance programs;
  • advising on and assisting with data breaches (including Notifiable Data Breaches) and privacy complaints; and
  • preparing compliance plans and privacy impact assessment

Our team

Principal Lawyer Daniel Kovacs is our primary expert in relation to privacy law.

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