At KCL Law we know insurance inside and out. We have worked with insurance companies, and with insureds, to get results. We know how the claims process works, how assessments are made and why claims are rejected or accepted in the wide range of insurance categories.

We know most businesses just want to have the right insurance and to get on with the business they’re in. The same holds true for individuals, because if they are left without cover the result can often be disastrous.

There are a range of intersecting interests in the insurance industry and KCL Law is familiar not just with the relevant legal and technical aspects of legislation and regulation governing insurance companies, but also the General Insurance Code of Practice and the role of the Financial Ombudsman Service in regulating the insurance industry.

When navigating insurance for example, seeking coverage or settlement of a claim it is also critical to understand the implications of the fine print in an individual policy and to know how that fine print will be applied, as well as how it can be interpreted.

We see it as our job to give direct advice whether it’s on a policy or a claim and to find and negotiate (or litigate) the best option for our clients.

We are experienced in a range of insurance-related areas, including:

  • public and products liability;
  • professional indemnity insurance;
  • property damage insurance;
  • business insurance (including business interruption claims);
  • home and contents insurance;
  • motor vehicle insurance;
  • policy / coverage assessment and advice;
  • defending claims;
  • disputing or prosecuting claims;
  • negotiating to secure coverage; and
  • claims against brokers and agents.

Our team

Our Insurance practice is led by Principal Lawyer David Weinberger.

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