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Media release: KCL Law assists Johns Lyng Group in company demergers

Jan 30, 2018

In the last quarter of 2017, KCL Law assisted the Johns Lyng Group (JLG) in a complex demerging of subsidiary businesses prior to, and in preparation for, its ASX listing.

While primarily involved in the construction and building insurance services, JLG had over 50 subsidiaries with numerous third party shareholder interests. The task undertaken by KCL Law was to assist in the complex demerging of a range of wholly, and partly, owned subsidiaries involved in businesses which were not core mainstream activities.

KCL Law’s Commercial and Corporate team — specifically Special Counsel Roger Rothfield — worked with JLG’s Chief Financial Officer, Matthew Lunn, and external accountants to assist in the very complex process of getting JLG ready for its ASX listing.

Roger commented, “The listing was one of the more successful IPOs in the capital goods segment for 2017”.

“Over the last 15 years, we have provided a range of services to JLG and its various subsidiaries, including advising on various commercial transactions, and construction and litigation matters.”

CFO, Matthew Lunn, has expressed his appreciation for the “hard work and support throughout the IPO process” and has acknowledged, “We couldn’t have done it without you!”.

KCL Law looks forward to continue working with JLG management and providing a range of legal assistance and advices well into the future.

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